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New Patient for Dr Sarah Wakelin

New patients will be required to register with the hospital or clinic where their consultation takes place prior to seeing Dr Wakelin.  

New Consultation

A ‘New Consultation’ denotes a consultation for all new patients who have not seen Dr Wakelin previously and for patients who have been seen previously but have a new skin complaint. This is the definition which will usually be accepted by medical insurance companies.  

Follow Up Consultation

A follow-up consultation will usually take place shortly after your new consultation for example to assess the success of your treatment or the results of investigations.

A Minor Surgery Appointment

is scheduled for 30 minutes or more and usually takes place at a different time from your consultation. You may need to contact your insurance company in the interim to ensure cover for any procedures and this may require completion of a

claim form.  

For non-urgent procedures, please consider the timing of any special events or holidays as skin wounds may take several weeks to heal and may require non-absorbable sutures (which will need removal).

Investigations including blood tests, skin swabs and histology of skin samples and the use injected medication or surgical equipment for minor operations will incur a separate charge which is payable to the hospital or clinic.

New Private Patients

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