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Dr Wakelin’s area of special interest is in the diagnosis and management of allergic skin disease and she supervises a dedicated skin allergy clinic at St Mary’s Hospital, London.  

She carries out diagnostic patch testing and skin prick testing to find out if someone’s skin complaint is caused by a contact allergy i.e. an allergic reaction to a natural or chemical substance that comes into contact with the skin.  

Contact Allergy

The substances in our daily environment that most frequently cause contact allergy include fragrances, preservatives, hair dye, metals, rubber chemicals, plant extracts, and the ingredients in medicated and cosmetic creams.

Dr Wakelin advises

‘People with a delayed skin allergy – also known as allergic contact dermatitis – are often not aware of what is causing their rash as the allergy rash develops slowly over several hours or days. So it’s difficult to make

the link.

When something stings or burns within a few minutes of being applied to the skin this usually indicates an irritation or intolerance (sensitive skin) rather than an allergy.’

Patch Testing

Allergy Testing with Dr Sarah Wakelin Dermatologist

Patch Test

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